• Personal Performance

    By Amy Romero

    N.A.S.M Certified personal trainer

    Part 1 – Mindfulness Peak performance. Have you ever wondered what it is that sets those athletes apart that seem to be almost super human. Those next round draft picks, even the up and comers. Truth is, any and everyone can find their own path to better performance both on and off the field, the

  • We need to make a choice

    By Maria Conde

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer

    To many of you fitness is a word that you do not identify with. Fitness, to you, pertains to the person that has the perfect body or the one that knows his/her way around the gym, knowing a lot of different exercises or the person that enjoys exercise. Let me guess, you can’t possibly picture

  • Work, Life Balance: Managing with Nutrition & Wellness

    By Courtney Minors

    BS in Biology
    MS in Dietetics and Nutrition
    Registered and Licensed Dietitian

    As a full-time Dietitian and wife I know firsthand how hectic life can be and I want to share with you four of my top tips to achieving that work life balance in a fun and sustainable way! #1 Have a Routine in the Morning Start with a glass of warm water with lemon or