Counseling Psychologist, Dr. Debi Yohn has been with Ultima Fitness since October. She is a native Floridian from Miami, but has lived in exotic places such as Saudi Arabia, France, Mexico and Shanghai, China. In China, Debi got bitten by the dragon – she began Dragon Boat Racing. Now, she has been paddling for 16 years and throughout her experiences in the sport she has managed to bring in a dozen medals but none more important than her Pan American Gold. Currently Debi is trying out for Team USA for Worlds which will be held in China this October 2017. Worlds are only held every 2 years.

When Debi joined Ultima she knew the club had the tools she needed to help assist her in reaching her goals. This is when Debi was introduced to personal trainer, Maria Conde. As Debi’s trainer, Maria has been able to concentrate on the physical requirements of paddling. Specific strengths are tested and used to make the final team roster and Maria is helping Debi develop the necessary tools to make it.

Debi said, “Without the Ultima team behind me, I wouldn’t be able to make it. This tryout is a big challenge for me so thank you Ultima and your team for all of your support.”