Being fit, staying fit and finding new ways to improve my fitness level is critical to my success in the show ring. For that reason finding the right fitness facility that is able to provide excellence in both appropriate fitness equipment and individual professional services is a necessary requirement for my selection of such a facility. Ultima Fitness met that criteria.

Challenging my personal trainer, Lynette Laufenberg, at Ultima Fitness with my level of desired fitness i.e. conditioning, strength training, balance, flexibility, etc., coupled with an appropriate nutritional program was never a problem. The depth of professional knowledge that was provided proved to be an excellent one. I was able to ride multiple horses better and on a single horse achieve new heights. Reaching new achievements relies heavily on my fitness level which currently is at its best to date. I am very appreciative of the excellent personal training and benefits received from such. Reflecting over my time with Ultima Fitness I also now realize how much knowledge I have gained from this process and it can be used any where l travel to. Becoming self reliant through knowledge given to me by my personal trainer is a valuable benefit and one I am grateful to have.