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My name is Emily Thal and I am 16 years old. I am a sophomore attending the Oxbridge Academy. I’ve always been a very athletic person. I love playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, archery, ice skating, etc. Even though I played many sports I would eat foods that were not healthy. I realized that I wasn’t getting good results. I used to be 20 pounds overweight. I felt badly to the point where I would only wear baggy sweaters and leggings. I finally told my mother that I wanted to change the way I ate. My mom said that she would find a place that could help educate me on how to eat healthier, and work out correctly. She suggested we find a place that would teach me to live a healthier lifestyle. Ultima Fitness has this amazing program where they pair you up with a personal trainer, nutritionist, and a dietitian. My goal was to lose 15 pounds in 2 months. Everyone at Ultima Fitness was so supportive and motivating that by the end of the summer I lost a little a bit more than 15 pounds. Vinyon was the person who motivated me the most. She is an amazing trainer. Every time I have a session with her she is happy and she pushes me through workouts. I recently had major foot surgery. They reconstructed the bone structure on my foot and the way I walk. When I had the surgery she would ask me how I was doing and helped me get through it. When I started working out with her again I was very weak. Vinyon helped me build my strength up again. This is still an ongoing process but I’ve gotten a lot of my energy and strength back. This summer I have to do my other foot and go through the same process AGAIN, but I know it will be a lot easier to get through it and use the skills that I learned from Ultima Fitness. I’m so happy that I joined Ultima. I feel they have provided me with skills for life.