• 9 Doable Things to Eat Right in 2017


    New Year’s resolutions are made every year by about 41% of Americans and 42% of those people claim to have failed their resolutions. Why? It is possible that our goals are too lofty for even the most self-disciplined person in the world. Here are some practical resolutions that will help you maintain a healthy life-style year round!

    1. Focus on your inner self not just your physical body
      We hear it time and again, and there’s a lot of truth in focusing on who we are inside and not just our physical selves. As you work towards your goals, remember this. It’s not just about the number on the scale. It’s also who we become by being healthier.
    2. Set achievable goals (both short and long term)
      Set small and achievable goals that can be used as milestones to reaching your BIG goal. If you eliminate too many things at once this can overwhelm you and lead to a “failed” mentality. No goal is too small and small changes help maintain lifelong habits.
    3. Always eat a healthy breakfast
      Starting the day off right not only fuels you for your day, but it sets the tone for how you will eat during the day. Psychologically, if you are already eating well at the beginning, you will be less likely to choose indulgent foods later on.
    4. Learn about meal prep
      We are constantly eating on-the-go and proper prep is a large obstacle that many people face in healthy eating. Having a 7 day meal plan and preparing what you will eat in advance helps with this problem. If you know that meal prep is a goal of yours, set an appointment to see me! We will find what works for you.
    5. Practice portion control
      Lack of portion control can undo any healthy eating plan. Too much of a good thing is still too much. Measuring out what you’re eating will help you maintain good portions and help you stay on track.
    6. Water is your friend
      Not only is water an essential part of our bodies, it is also filling. If you are seeking to lose weight, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is an important step in the process.
    7. Launch a “kitchen makeover”
      For those people who need a radical change, emptying out their pantries and starting over is the approach used a lot. However, making over your kitchen doesn’t have to be so over the top. You can simply remove certain foods one by one at specific intervals to achieve the makeover but still maintain your sanity.
    8. Cut yourself some slack
      None of us is perfect. Additionally, striving for the perfect eating plan is near impossible but it’s also unsustainable. All of us fall off the wagon now and again, it’s simply not allowing ourselves to remain “off the wagon”. Give yourself an opportunity to enjoy the foods you love in moderation. And don’t bash yourself up for doing it.
    9. Don’t over-restrict yourself
      Starving yourself is another unsustainable habit. However, for most people, it leads to something even worse, binge eating. People who starve themselves during the day tend to binge when they sit down in the evening, which leads to not only overeating, but also eating poor choices. To prevent this from happening, you need to have a meal plan and you need to practice your meal prep. Both will keep you on the straight and narrow throughout the day.


    Focusing on attainable and practical goals like the ones above will help you keep your resolutions. Set up an appointment with me today to discuss your goals and ways that we can achieve them. Together we can find the things that work with you and your lifestyle!