• A Healthier YOU Doesn’t Start with Nutrition or Exercise!

    By Lynette Laufenberg


    As a new year approaches we are once again faced with the reality that we may not have reached our greatest potential last year the way we had hoped…whether it was to lose weight, improve our bad habits, get stronger, or eat healthier.  You now have another opportunity to make change happen.  Guess what?  The best fitness advice has nothing to do with fitness!

    In 2015, the running theme at Ultima Fitness was “embracing change”.   I, myself, went through a fairly significant change professionally, and it was not an easy decision to make.  Serving in the role that I held for over 17 years is what I knew, day in and day out.  Breaking away from that was going to be quite challenging.  This most certainly applies to other areas of our lives, like nutrition, time management, exercise, and life balance.  Sometimes we recognize that something needs to change, but pinpointing exactly what that change should be or how to implement it is another story.  And any change, even when very positive, is often a little bit scary, as there are many details to work through.  But in the end, one must look to the future and envision themselves either on the same path or taking a different one.  Because if nothing changes, nothing changes.  Cliché, but true.  Which direction do you want to go?  For me, I followed my heart, recognized that change needed to happen, made plans for a new direction, and am now living a more balanced, less stressful life.  Better for me, better for my family, better for my clients.

    Perhaps lifestyle changes are high on the priority list for you this year.  We have developed our habits over years and years of repetitive schedules, accommodating our loved ones, giving in to social situations, and trying to handle the stress of work, home, and family life.  Making lifestyle changes is no small feat.   Just remember that you cannot take care of others if you don’t take care of YOU.

    So what is this amazing fitness tip that has nothing to do with fitness?  Your personal journey to change lifestyle habits must first start with your thinking process.  My experience working with clients proves that when people have failed at something in the past and they continue to dwell on the outcome, they will automatically set themselves up for failure even before they start the process of working toward their goal.  In their head, they will once again fail to succeed although they may be willing to try.  The power of the mind leads us to our end result.  Every time.

    Let your New Year’s goals and resolutions start with your thinking.  Creating more mindful moments in your day is a good start.  Just like we train our bodies through physical exercise, we can also train our brains to make more positive neuro-connections.  Things like visualization (seeing yourself succeed at the task), meditation, and positive thinking will all benefit your brain and direct you along the path of focus and success.  If you are expecting the end result to turn out the way you are hoping, success starts with the belief that you can, and so you will.

    As we head into 2016, let this year be the one that you improve your thinking, attitude, and mindfulness…and see just what might unfold.