• A Presidential Workout

    By Bob Heil

    In approximately three (3) weeks we will elect our forty fifth (45) United States president. Why not take those three (3) weeks to embark on the exercise program you have been thinking about but not quite started yet? As we go about changing the countries leaders you can make a significant change in the way you look and the way you feel. And who knows it may last one or two presidential terms at least. With a commitment of no more than thirty (30) minutes just four (4) days a week you can add an element to your schedule that will not interfere with your family or work schedule. The secret is to get in and out of the gym without socializing or distractions. Focus on the exercise you are doing and don’t rest between sets while sitting in the machine. This involves “supersets” which any trainer can explain to you in detail. Never, never spend time on your cell phone or on the internet and avoid talking to anyone about anything but the technical details of your program. Making gains in muscle tone and reducing body fat is about consistency (try not to miss a workout) and by not finding excuses to do other things. Create a program that over the four days that works all the muscles in the body and adds a cardio element. A trainer can help you do so in just a few sessions. As an example my personal program works the pushing muscles on day one, the pulling muscles on day two and legs on day three. I save the fourth day to do extra work on my weaker areas. I am in and out of the gym in less than thirty (30) minutes. So whether you are a democrat a republican or an independent voter, left or right, liberal or conservative you will be a better person to yourself and a healthier American if you add a fitness program to your life.