• Calories In Verse Calories Out

    Calories In Verse Calories Out

    There are so many people in the world who are working hard everyday trying to better their health and appearance. You will find these people in the gym consistently busting their butts and sweating like they just got out of a sauna. However, you will also find that sometimes these same people aren’t getting the results they are looking for. The reason for this is based on a simple concept. That concept is “calories in vs. calories out.” The most important factor when it comes to health and appearance is your diet. If you want to accomplish your goals it will help tremendously to monitor the calories you burn and consume. There are those out there that seem to be able to eat whatever they want without changing their appearance but this does not mean it’s healthy. It is important to keep in mind the number and quality of calories you consume if you want real changes.

    First let’s discuss what calories are. A calorie is a unit of energy that you put into your body. This energy is then used throughout your day. “Calories in” refers to those calories you’re consuming and “Calories out” refers to all the calories you are burning throughout each and every day. This includes the calories you burn while working out and what you burn through everyday activity. Everyday activities can be as simple as breathing or picking up a bag. It all burns calories.

    If you want true results you will monitor your caloric intake and calories burned because this dictates everything. The concept can be broken down into three different equations:

    Calories in > Calories out = Muscle gain, fat gain, or bothCalories in < Calories out = Muscle loss, fat loss, or bothCalories in = Calories out = No changes (everything will stay relatively the same) As you can see, these equations are quite simple. If you eat or drink more than you burn then you will gain muscle, gain fat or gain both depending on how you train and what you do in your day. If you eat less than you’re burning then you will lose overall weight but you can also lose fat or muscle or both depending on how you train and what you do as well. Again simple equations, yet so important to health, appearance, and whatever results you may be looking for. Now, the quality of food and drinks you intake and the way each individual body works both also play huge roles in making changes but in general these guidelines will work well for everyone. So next time you’re looking in the mirror and wondering what you need to do to reach your goals, take a second and think about this “calories in vs. calories out” concept. Think about your diet, what you have done throughout the day, and then think about your goals again. Think about all of this because if you want to truly make changes and reach your goals physically then calories are going to be the key factor. I can’t stress enough how important this concept is so focus on this and watch every goal you have not only get reached, but get smashed in the process!