All sparring classes requires proper sparring gear. This class is designed to increase sparring drills. It will be mandatory for students to attend 3 classes per month in order to be eligible for testing.

About Taekwondo Sparring

Is the act of practicing combat against a live opponent, without actually having to pick a real fight! It is almost unheard of to practice Tae Kwon Do without at least doing some light sparring, as this is an integral part of your training not only in Tae Kwon Do, but in martial arts in general.

Taekwondo Sparring should be done in a controlled environment, with instructors present, as it can be dangerous if not handled properly. When you spar in our school, it is customary to bow and bump fists before fighting as a show of respect.

You goal shouldn’t be to hurt your opponent, but to learn how to attack, counterattack and block. During sparring you will usually end up with and inflict a few bruises, however in a class environment the goal is to better yourself and your opponent, so you should avoid injuring yourself or your opponent.

Respect is perhaps the most important part of Taekwondo sparring, by learning to respect your opponent despite the clear objective of defeating him or her; you better yourself as a martial artist and a person.

In order to succeed at sparring, you will need to have control over your techniques, strike quickly, and above all avoid telegraphing your techniques. Telegraphing is the act of giving away a strike before actually doing it, by raising your leg early or flexing a shoulder muscle prematurely; you can set your opponent up for an easy block and counter.

In closing, Taekwondo sparring is very important to your training, and as such you should become comfortable with it!