This class is designed For the advance students.In this class we do full contact sparring and grappling. The benefit of this class is for the student to learn how to defend them self under pressure.


Aspects of Tae Kwon Do


    • Mental: Self Confidence, Strong Character, Good Judgement, Self Control and Sound Mind.
    • Physical: Good Coordination, Strong Body, Self Defense, Strong Muscle Tone, Strength and Flexibility.
    • Philosophical: Respect for each other, helping each other, honesty and standing by the weak.


    We offer


      • Tae Kwon Do group classes (offered to both adults and children)
      • One-on-one Tae Kwon Do instruction
      • Self Defense in a group setting (offered to men, women and children)
      • One-on-one Self Defense instruction
      • Small Group Personal Training (3-5)



      • Full Contact Sparring
      • Endurance
      • Cardio
      • Fun