• Community Giving and the Spirituality of the Season


    As we know, charitable giving ramps up during the Holiday Season. According to statistics, 34% of charitable giving happens in the last four months of the year with 18% of that coming in December alone. Many of us spend time with our families during these months and it reminds us of those who are less fortunate. It also triggers the innate need we have as human beings to have a positive impact on others.

    Part of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle is not just treating yourself right physically and mentally, but also spiritually. These three pillars of wellness are called The Trinity of Wellness: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Obviously, the “Body” pillar is the easiest to understand and simply requires you to move and be physically active. As the old saying goes, “a body in motion tends to stay in motion”. The “Mind” pillar is a little more complex, but as the World has become more aware of mental health, stress management, mindfulness, and the pursuit of happiness have come to be topics everyone is actively learning about. However, the “Spirit” pillar is something many neglect and it is as equally important as the other two. It is difficult to qualify what “spirituality” is, but it is accepted that it is not just religious. Many believe that we can grow our spirituality through achieving what the renowned psychologist Maslow called “self-actualization”,  which has as one of its tenants that self-actualized people share deep relationships with a few, but also feel identification and affection towards the entire human race. Donation of time, resources, money, ideas, and support help us show that affection and ultimately grow our spirit. Giving of ourselves and what we have gives us the connection with others that is part of who we are as humans. It takes conscious work sometimes to do, but is always gratifying in the end.

    Here at Ultima, we embody the concept of community giving as an organization to support our employees, members, and those who need help. We donate to community non-profits, host member-led fund raisers, and partner with area organizations to increase awareness about causes which are important to us. By doing so, we believe we are not just directly helping others, but walking-the-walk for our members to see how to grow their spirituality.

    So how are you going to grow your spirit this Holiday Season?