Let Ultima help your company be healthier!

Throughout industry, companies are focused on improving their bottom lines. To do so, many companies have looked towards reducing their healthcare costs by having a company wellness program to improve the health of their employees. Without question, the literature supports this approach and companies can achieve as much as an 86% reduction in the healthcare claims by their employees. However, this isn’t the only advantage to proactive, company wellness programs. Companies also see a dramatic improvement in absenteeism and productivity through improved health, improved morale, increased confidence, better concentration, and better endurance.

Ultima can bring fitness to your company!

Here are some of the services provided: weight loss challenges, yoga or pilates classes onsite, functional training classes, zumba classes, and nutritional counseling. Ultima offers custom pricing for on-site classes and corporate challenges based on your company’s specific interest, class duration, class frequency, etc. Allow us to arrange an introductory meeting to gather information and submit a formal proposal with a rate quote.

Attached below is a link to our detailed Corporate Membership Program. Please feel free to download and review it. Our program provides for employees to be involved in a comprehensive fitness program, but also provides additional advantages to the company itself.

Ultima Fitness and Wellness Corporate Membership Brochure


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