Dear Members and Guests,

For those of you that had the chance to take our mindfulness classes led by Dr. Gus Castellanos, you have taken the initial steps to maintaining a less stressful life. This practice has helped me to deal with some very traumatic events in my life. As with any exercise, it is something that needs be practiced on a regular basis to see positive results. Gus sends a regular newsletter and I found it worth sharing,

Please join us on August 20th for our Back to School event to benefit the Wellington area teachers. This is our way of educating our local teachers on ways to reduce their stress. During the event, participating teachers that attend to learn about wellness strategies for themselves and their students, are eligible to receive donations for their classrooms. Many of our teachers use their own money to purchase supplies. Your support and donations will help ensure the success of our students and help eliminate the financial burden for teachers.

All donations are greatly appreciated. Items needed include, tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizers, paper, pencils, pens, Expo markers, colored paper. You can drop off donated supplies in the box at the front or you can make a monetary donation at the front desk or at our GoFundMe page .

Thank you for your continued support. Together we do make a difference!

With much appreciation,

The Merrell Family