In the 1980’s Tom and Regis Wenham both served on the Board of Directors of Greenview Cove Golf Club. Regis worked for the Chrysler Team Golf Championship in Wellington and Tom served on several Acme Improvement District committees before village incorporation. After village incorporation, he was elected to the first Village Council in 1996. A few years later Regis was appointed to the Palm Beach County Library Advisory Board in 1999 (where she still works). Soon after, Tom was elected as the mayor of Wellington and served from 2000 to 2008. He also worked for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue until his retirement in 2012. Now, he serves as Chair of the Wellington Community Foundation and Vice Chair of the Village of Wellington’s Architectural Review Board. In addition to all of this Tom served with the 8th Bomb Squadron during the Korean War.

Regis joined Ultima when it was the first gym in Wellington and has been a member ever since. She volunteered for the First Wellington Community Fitness Run and Walk in 1997 to benefit Hospice and for 8 years as Mayor, Tom was the official starter for the Run and Walk.

Regis and Tom said, “The Merrell family, along with the very friendly and helpful staff, offer a complete variety of fitness and wellness programs for any and everybody. The equipment is top notch and they make working out very enjoyable and sociable.Our personal trainer Lynette, has made this entire experience very special.”

Regis has participated in a yoga class almost every week since it was first offered and recently decided she wanted to retain what she had gained. Therefore, she began training with Lynette and lo and behold, Tom decided he would start working with Lynette as well. Jill Merrell said that “Many people talk about fitness and never do anything about it.” This stuck with Regis and Tom and they said “We are very pleased that we made the decision to participate in a program.”