• February’s Featured Member

    • Our members are the heart of Ultima. They have provided the inspiration that has kept us constantly working to be the best we can be for more than 25 years. For that, among many other reasons, we chose to focus in 2016 on incredible member stories that will serve as very tangible reminders of how to be the best version of YOU this year.

    This is Jessica Cherry Story

    Jessica was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of 2014, obviously putting a
    major halt on her life. She was extremely active before hand, riding her horse
    everyday and competing. Within ONE year she was clear of breast cancer, she rode
    her horse through most of her treatment and was back in the gym December 2015
    (one month after her surgery and last treatment) signing up for personal
    training. She’s extremely motivated and an inspiration to not just other members
    of Ultima but staff as well.
    Here is what Brittany Wallrath, Jessica’s trainer, has to say about her. “As a
    personal trainer, you are expected to be the motivation for your clients to do
    better. Very rarely, you may stumble across a case that seems to be the
    opposite. The day I met Jessica Cherry I knew she was a special person. Having
    battled breast cancer last year at such a young age, she came to the gym looking
    to get back in shape and back to her “normal” life. I knew it would be a
    challenge for both of us, programming her workouts to reach her goals
    effectively while still keeping in mind the limitations that come along with her
    recovery, but rest assured we were going for it.” Brittany goes on to say, “She
    shows up to workout, every single day with the biggest smile on her face. After
    getting to know her more, I feel as though I leave each training session with
    the motivation to conquer the world because she has taught me that there will be
    set backs in life and it’s all about taking them head on and overcoming all
    odds.” Back when she was diagnosed, Jessica was told by her doctors she would
    never be able to ride her horse again. Well she had her first show in two years
    this past January and won first place! Jessica has taught so many of us to
    “Never say never”.
    jessica Cherry1