• Gym Etiquette and Safety

    By Bob Heil

    It seems that once a year, it is a good idea to remind everyone about proper gym etiquette and safety. To begin with, the use of a smart phone can be very disturbing to members who are either waiting for a machine or trying to focus on their exercise program. It also shows a lack of interest towards your own exercise program, which can sabotage you down the road. Believe me, it is a distraction when someone is talking out loud to a hands free ear piece. It isn’t always clear that they are not talking to you, so remember that the next time you take a call. Also, remember sharing a machine with others between sets is not only courteous, but it helps to expedite your own program when you want to share later in your workout. Finally, putting plates and dumbbells back is not only courteous but also safe. To ask a 105 pound female member to unload the machine so she can put on a lighter weight is inconsiderate, but is also risky for her as many times those plates can be half her body weight. And leaving dumbbells and plates lying around the floor can cause trip & fall accidents for someone walking around, getting off of a machine, or stepping out of a squat rack. Remember, a little consideration can go a long way towards making your gym experience more enjoyable and creating a better environment to improve your health. Let’s make 2017 a safe and healthy year.