• Juicing: Is it really what it’s all cracked up to be?

    Juicing: Is it really what it’s all cracked up to be?

    Juicing is a great way to get your fruits and vegetables in if you’re not big into eating them whole. It’s important to remember that Juicers tend to leave the pulp of the fruit and vegetables behind. The pulp actually contains a great source of fiber, so make sure to not leave it behind in the Juicer! Juicing machines can get expensive, but you don’t necessarily need a Juicer to make juice! A conventional blender is an excellent way to efficiently puree your fruits and veggies into a delicious drink. Also, if the drink becomes slightly too thick just simply add water. Once the drink is ready though it’s best to drink it the same day you make it to avoid the effects of spoilage.

    Additionally, calories are something you need to take into account when you start adding fruits in the mix because of their sugar content, so try to keep the vegetables up and do maybe 1-2 fruits. Would you like to get your protein in simultaneously? This can easily be achieved by adding almond milk, Greek yogurt, flaxseed, and/or peanut butter.

    Go ahead, give juicing a whirl and let us know how it worked for you! Good luck!

    By: Marc Marlin, Certified Personal Trainer