Jordan Speier

Amy member highlight

She was born in 1991 has always been athletic. Coming from a small town in Kentucky, she has grown up riding showing and now traveling with equestrians. Working also as a full time nanny she is passionate about so much more than just training, you can really see she shines in all she sets out to do. Since having her knee reconstructed she has had struggles to overcome.

Coming to Ultima this season and beginning to train with myself, Amy Romero, late in February we had little time and very steep goals but I could tell with her drive, dedication and work ethic she could succeed in anything she wanted to. This girl trains with her whole heart and it has paid off!

When we began she had imbalances, insecurities and a need for the proper knowledge to set herself a strong foundation to get her body to perform the way she’d always wanted it to.
Having wanted to become a competitive fitness athlete she gave me her goals to this year get her weight into a competitive range and be able to maintain that until she returns next year when we will prep her for her first show on the big stage.

She has blown her goals away, surprised not only herself but friends and family as well who see her now toned and fine tuned like the race horse she really is. With careful coaching and lots of hard work we have brought her from 159 lbs when we began down to currently 143 lbs a loss of 16 lbs in total and still dropping. We have reduced her body fat levels from 25.5% at the start down to 20%, a loss of 5.5% in only 8 short weeks!

Her body composition is improved greatly and speaks for itself now shoulders are appearing, biceps and triceps have seperation. Abs are tight and flat. Inner outter thigh and glutes have been a priority. Best I have to say is we have greatly improved in strength Jordan just recently pr’d in her squat at a new max weight of 205 lbs! She also deadlifts a new max of 200 lbs. Not too shabby 😉

Shes an amazing example of what it can do when you make your mind up not to be conquered by set backs no matter how overwhelming they may seem when you enlist the RIGHT help and you are willing to work hard and not give up you can do incredible things!

If you see her in the gym over the next week (unfortunately her last before she leaves for the season) give her a high five for exceptional work and let her know her new found family in fitness here at Ultima will be cheering her on thru her off season. We cant wait to see where she raises the bar to next year.

Jordan Speier just one of so many amazing members and an inspiration to us all!!

Amy Romero
NASM Cpt thru Ultima Fitness Wellington, Fl
Npc Competitive Athlete, Women’s Figure Division

“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.”
-John Wooden