• Mud Runs

    Mud Runs

    Sweat, fun, exhaustion, laughter, and most importantly dirty! What do all of these words have in common? Mud Runs! These are all words that come to mind when thinking of this new, challenging but totally fun craze sweeping the globe. As the fitness industry expands, so does the need to be innovative. Each and every day there are new and creative exercises and workouts being created by people around the world. Everyone wants to try something new and something fun! This is how mud runs came about.

    Mud runs are obstacle courses that are run in a racing style. These courses challenge people to test their limits and do something beyond their usual exercise routine. To overcome each obstacle one will be forced to use all of their physical skills and push their mental limits. Now, this may sound fairly intimidating to some but these mud runs are closely monitored to ensure safety. You can also stop at anytime or do alternative exercises for certain obstacles if necessary. For example, if you can’t go over a wall then most events will just give you another exercise to do instead, such as burpees. These courses are also meant for having tons fun, so no matter how intense it may sound, one should know they’re not just out there to kill you.

    Another very important thing to know about a mud run event is that many were created to generate funds in support of charities. Some will have designated charities that they choose to support and some will let you choose your own. This is amazing because not only are you there to have fun and get a good workout in, you will also be helping to support great causes.

    The growing popularity of these events is astounding to say the least. Over the past 5 years millions have signed up, participated, and completed courses all over. People want that feeling of accomplishment. To say you pushed yourself and conquered one of these courses is a nice achievement and huge confidence booster. On top of all these perks you also get to meet tons of new people, work together, and have a good time after. Most runs will set up after party events so everyone can hang out and just enjoy the rest of their day with friends and family. So why not give it a go?

    Here at Ultima Fitness we will be running a challenge through our BCx Boot Camp program from September 1st until November 15th. This is the day of the Bullfrog Mud Run event down in Miami. Those who enroll in this program will be able to participate in this mud run and will be given a chance to win multiple prizes from us personally! For 10 weeks you will be training with our instructors to get in tip top shape and ready to give it your all at the race. IT’S TIME GET DOWN, GET DIRTY, HAVE FUN AND KICK SOME BUTT!