Caryn Jockel

After becoming a member of Ultima Fitness have been improving in all my abilities. I am more confident now and I look forward to every session I get to work with my trainer Grace. She pushes my abilities to improve on a regular basis. I am not the only one that has noticed this. My nurses have also expressed to me the changes that they have seen and have each written testimonials speaking on my improvements.

“5 years ago, when I started  to work with Caryn as one of her nurses, she had just joined Ultima and I could already see her excitement. Her visits are short 30-45 min, 2-3 times per week but they’re  consistent and I can see they are helping her a lot. I’ve noticed that her dexterity is better, her upper body is getting stronger and her posture in the wheelchair is straighter. Ultima has also helped her to get over some bad days and sad days. She has met many nice people there, whom she talks to on regular basis and who encourage and motivate her. The staff is always very friendly and helpful too but her rock is her personal trainer Gracie , who over the years also became one of her closest friends. :)”

“I am one of the nurses working with Caryn Jockel . I saw a lot of improvements with her since we started in 2010 until now. She has become stronger day by day and she is doing a lot of things with confidence now. I personally applaud everyone who fought and brought her to this stage. I thank you all on her behalf.”

“I have been caring for my PT for some time now and have seen a big improvement in her upper body strength. There is a big improvement also in her posture and her confidence to do activities of daily living.”