• Personal Performance


    Part 1 – Mindfulness

    Peak performance. Have you ever wondered what it is that sets those athletes apart that seem to be almost super human. Those next round draft picks, even the up and comers. Truth is, any and everyone can find their own path to better performance both on and off the field, the gym floor, and in life in general. My name is Amy Romero, elite trainer through Ultima Fitness Wellington and in this series I will be breaking down what it takes to not only bring your “A” game physically to your sport but truly become better at performance in every aspect of your life.

    Mentality is a larger part of your performance than what you’re treating it like. Do you spend as many hours honing your focus, sharpening your outlook and keeping your thoughts organized as you do reps of active workouts in the gym or on the field? I’m going to come straight out and call it- we are all guilty of a lack of dedication in this department. Time management is hard enough right? We all have busy lives, careers, families, hobbies and interests. Moments of mindfulness make all the difference and this will translate into more than just your performance in sport. It will permeate into all aspects of your life once adopted. It doesn’t take hours a day or massive effort to make mindfulness work for you. It takes moments. Stop, breathe, slow down and take a moment to remind yourself of not only what your goal is but who you are. You always have to have the goal in sight but more than that though; you must treat yourself with success. Remember how far it is you have come and that alone proves you can get to where you are going. Envision it. Every athlete that has ever won a medal or taken a podium by storm first began by envisioning that moment long before it ever came to fruition. How obsessed are you? Can you crave the personal success more than anything? That all begins as a vision in the mind. It has to be nurtured and cultivated. Once your focus becomes unshakable through moments of practice, like any other type of training, it then becomes routine. Chant it. Repeat that mantra day in and day out and I guarantee that win is going to appear sooner rather than later, but first you have to take the moments. Mindfulness.

    Part 2 – Mental Focus – Lose Those Distractions

    This is your art, your craft, your sport right? You’ve adopted more mindfulness steadily into your routine as we spoke about last week and performance is picking up now. Great, now let’s go deeper with Amy Romero, elite trainer through Ultima Fitness Wellington. Back to take mindful principals one step farther and show you how you can achieve better personal performance.

    How connected are we really? The mind runs the body. Where the mind goes the body follows. So how do you think you stack up? When practicing or performing are we really focused or are we distracted? Are we looking at the opposing team, on-lookers, those around the room, or dare I say being distracted by our electronic devices? Let’s face it, in our day and age the distractions are everywhere! Sometimes it’s best to bring it back down to basics. Take time for yourself as an investment into your long term performance and remove the distractions. Unplug them. Quit worrying about another person who has no influence over your impact. Drill it down and challenge yourself to get more connected than ever down to the very technique, degrees of angle, muscle fibers affected and watch how the rest of the sensory distractions start to disappear into that rear view mirror. Now that you’re in sync with yourself, your speed, intensity, stamina and endurance will all improve. As you become more aware of yourself, what you are capable of grows exponentially as well. Take a day this week and workout or practice without any music whatsoever and challenge yourself to find your intensity. Bring your A game all without anything other than your own mental focus. Brain training is just as important as physical drills!

    Part 3 – Fuel Your Performance

    Angry? Had a bad week? Emotions getting the best of you, robbing your performance? This week’s topic will help with that. As we move through this series with Amy Romero, elite trainer through Ultima Fitness Wellington, we’ve become more mindful, more focused and less distracted. Now we’re back to have some fun this week as we will be discussing the next step to improve our personal performance.

    Channel your energy. We’ve gained better connection of our mind to our bodies and we’ve reduced distractions and learned to drive our performance through control of our own minds, but what is all of this capability and control good for if we don’t have any fuel for the fire? Nothing. So let’s talk about motivation instigation and let’s face the fact that every one of us has things we could draw from to push us a little further than we would if were we just “going through the motions”. Dig deep. Let’s get into that jar of pent up emotion, perhaps even frustration and let’s turn it into a fuel for a positive outcome- better performance! Athletes always want to be better. Better than competitors. Better than themselves. In all honesty though, it’s about becoming better than what tries to bring you down! Those circumstances and situations are often occurring every day. It’s in whether or not we address them and how exactly we choose to deal with them that makes a difference. Don’t let another opportunity to turn something into a performance spike for you slip by! Gather up the fuel that others are throwing at you this week, take that connected mindset and set your sport a blaze with your personal best! Tune in next week as we complete this series and set it all in motion.

    Part 4 – Fine-Tuning

    Let’s get PHYSICAL, with Amy Romero, elite trainer through Ultima Fitness Wellington! This week we will wrap up our four week series on personal performance by discussing some of the key areas of the body to boost performance, whether you are an elite athlete or simply looking to be better than you’ve been. So far we’ve discussed mindfulness, better mental focus, losing distractions and pulling power to fuel your performance. Since we are past basic capability, finding and honing the mindset necessary, and creating the motivation needed to drive great performance, all that’s left is fine-tuning. We have the car, the gas and know the road but who wouldn’t want a twin turbo to make that trip a little better!

    There are certain parts of the body I find many often neglect, not knowing the human body is a kinetic chain with each link drawing strength and stability from the next. It’s true your chain is only as strong as its weakest link! When is the last time you gave special attention to your psoas, hips, posterior chain or calves? You may have never even heard of some of these, in which case I invite you to become familiar. All of these areas will help your mobility, flexibility, strength and functionality. Psoas being an internal muscular link from spine to hip that when tight can limit your trunk in many movement patterns. Hips being improperly warmed up and stretched can limit strength as well as cardiovascular movements, not to mention they contain many important tendons and ligaments necessary in all sports and movements. The posterior chain in my personal opinion is one of the most important which brings true core strength and functionality. Without all parts of the posterior chain, ones core cannot truly be fully utilized. Posterior chain includes the low back as well as glute muscles in coordination with the abdominal muscles. Last but certainly not least the calf muscles. Without the calves, the major muscles of the legs cannot be their best and if your legs harbor weakness it will simply go up the chain. Train these fundamentals often in order to keep major areas, the powerhouses if you will, all working at peak performance and watch what happens. You will notice that you are more agile, flexible and able to bounce back better, respond faster and gain better output overall. Come see us for more expert coaching and education to reach your personal best and always remember personal performance is just that. Its personal you can’t compare to anyone else. Its driven by a single unit… YOU, so keep striving, learning and being relentless.