• Raise the Barre

    By Judy Duany

    Group Fitness Director

    Grab your friends and head on out to the “Barre.”  It’s happy hour at Ultima Fitness but we have a different “Barre” in mind…the Ballet Barre.  The Barre workout incorporates both traditional ballet and Pilates.  Some of the benefits you will experience include: burning fat, muscle strength, a toned body, improved posture, weight loss, increased flexibility and stress reduction.

    The exercises used in a Barre class are designed to protect your joints.  Classes are designed in a high intensity, non-impact workout making it suitable for all fitness levels.  Celebrities and athletes including Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker and Brent Celek of the Philadelphia Eagles are veterans to the discipline and are incorporating Barre into their training regime.  It’s important to remember to tell your instructor if you are new to class or if you have any limitations.  Modifications will always be made to ensure a safe and effective workout.  What do you have to lose, except for a few inches?   Your first class is always free.

    For more information on Barre @ Ultima, please call 561-795-2823, email us at info@ultimafitness.com or stop by Ultima Fitness 12799 W. Forest Hill Boulevard.