• Reach Your Goals One Bite at a Time


    Do you want to feel good and look great at every age? I do! We haven’t found the Fountain of Youth yet, but thankfully, through research, we’ve been learning amazing things that food can do for our bodies! Consuming enough Vitamin A makes your skin more radiant, calcium and Vitamin D help keep our bones from getting brittle, and Vitamin E protects against effects of the sun.

    This all sounds great, but how can you make sure you get the right amount of these vitamins and minerals? Through balanced meal planning, smart shopping and healthy cooking methods. We have a fast-paced, temptation-rich world, but once you have the tools and support to overcome your barriers, you will certainly reach your goals.

    If you would like an engaging, fun and motivating program to help you make the changes you want to see and feel, consider our upcoming Nutrition Boot Camp 4-Week Program in partnership with Whole Foods Wellington, starting May 19. I’ll let you in on “secrets of a dietitian” and help you prepare for your best self!

    For more information or to register for Nutrition Boot Camp, please call 561-795-2823, email our Wellness Director Lynette@UltimaFitness.com or stop by The Wellness Center at Ultima Fitness 12799 W. Forest Hill Boulevard.