• Saved by the Bell: Why add the kettlebell to your workout routine?

    By Vinyon Dovi

    Among the many fun and useful equipment at the gym, the kettlebell stands as an important tool. Although its look might remind of some medieval torture device, that round, rustic looking cast iron ball thingy is not medieval at all. In effect, its use is very much in trend nowadays. The kettle bell is indubitably one the most effective and fun tool for anyone looking to achieve strength and health through fitness.

    There are so many ways to use the kettlebell depending on your goals and your fitness level. The American Council on Exercise conducted a recent study that concluded that “kettlebell training significantly boosts aerobic capacity, while also improving core strength and dynamic balance.” Furthermore, its use is not limited to advanced or beginner fitness enthusiasts, as every single person may benefit from using the kettlebell. Some of the benefits of its use include:

    – Full body conditioning.
    – Improved flexibility.
    – Increased strength.
    – Enhanced performance in daily functioning.
    – Major calorie burn.
    – Improved core strength.

    One might argue that it is possible to achieve all of the above with other gym equipments. However, a kettlebell workout does not need to last for hours as it is intensive and engage the entire body.

    Very fun to use, handy, safe and portable, the kettlebell must have a definite place in everyone’s workout routine. If you’re interested, contact me or any of the Fitness Specialists at Ultima and we would be happy to teach you.