I started lifting weights when I was about 14 years old on the advice from my father. I had always knew that I wanted to work in law enforcement and he thought lifting weights would help with the rigorous functions as a police officer. I started at a small gym and continued lifting weights as a way to get healthier and fit as I started getting older. I was always a thin person and lifting weights was a way to add muscle and look better.

When I finally became a police officer at the age of 21, I soon realized that I hated the stereotype of police officers being fat, overweight and seen eating at donut shops. I wanted to be better than that and be the type of officer that represented the uniform with the utmost respect. It was also very helpful with the everyday stress of the job as well as the physical aspect of running and sometimes struggling with people while making arrests.

I joined Ultima Fitness in 1998. I was originally working and living in the Belle Glade area and Ultima was the closest gym to my home. When I finally relocated to Royal Palm Beach and was hired at the West Palm Beach Police Department, I continued to work out at Ultima. I have been asked several times why I stay at Ultima and not go to another gym. I have found that Ultima is like my second home. I work out 5 times a week, Monday through Friday. I have never had an issue with anyone at Ultima and over the years have made several lifelong friends. The staff has always treated me well and I like the atmosphere. Now, at a young age of 49, I refuse to let age catch up to me. I will continue to lift, do my cardio and try to be in the best shape I can. Being in shape and lifting weights on a regular basis is a lifestyle that I will continue with.

Joe Herb
Ultima Fitness Member since 1998