• SMART Goals Help Achieve Success

    By Lynette Laufenberg


    Tell me if this sounds familiar:   My training goal is to “tone muscles”, “lose some weight”, or “get more flexible.”   Clients generally express their ideas in general terms.  Trainers and health coaches help clients define goals in more specific and measurable terms so that progress can be evaluated.  Effective goals are commonly said to be SMART goals, which means they are:

    • Specific: must be clear and unambiguous, stating specifically what should be accomplished
    • Measurable: must be measurable so that clients can see whether they are making progress
      • Examples include performing a given workout two times a week, losing 5 pounds, or being able to touch your toes with straight legs
    • Attainable: should be realistically attainable by the individual client as the achievement of attaining a goal reinforces commitment to the program and encourages the client to continue exercising.
    • Relevant: must be relevant to the particular interest, needs, and abilities of the individual client
    • Time-bound: must contain estimated timelines for completion. Clients should be evaluated regularly to monitor progress toward goals.


    The SMART goal concept is standard in coaching manuals and articles on goal-setting.  Client and trainer/coach should work together to develop long- and short-term objectives that work within this framework as a natural part of the process.  Developing goals that align with a client’s values must be the foundation of any successful life change.  Are you ready to get started?

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