• The Core is So Much More

    By Bonnie Kretchik

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    B.A. in English

    One area people always want to work on is their core. Often, I’ll ask what their idea of the core actually is and am met with the same response each time as the client points to their rectus abdomens (only one aspect of the core mind you). Everyone wants to crunch and scrunch until they’re blue in the face in an effort to sculpt those perfect and, often elusive, six-pack abs.

    The “core” however, is a compilation of muscles that both support and move the spine. Yes, the six-pack abs are a part of the core, however so are the pelvic floor muscles, diaphragm and deep cervical flexors to just name a few. Further, core training goes far beyond 15 minutes of crunches and planks. Considering this area is comprised of numerous synergistic, protagonist and antagonistic muscle groups that basically support and control movement throughout the day, strengthening and stretching these muscles continuously and consistently is the key to maintaining a strong core.

    In reality, every movement you do can be considered a core exercise as during the process of bending, twisting, reaching, walking or simply standing up, you are engaging your core. Make the most out each exercise session by thoughtfully engaging the muscles of the trunk to both stretch and strengthen at the same time. Not everyone can have six-pack abs, but a strong core is not only achievable, but necessary for good health.