• Exercise: The Secret Sauce to Improve Personal Productivity


    It is well known, and documented in research, that regular exercisers are more productive at work. This is why companies spend the time, effort, and money investing in wellness programs for their employees. But when it comes to the individual, what is the return for your time and money invested? Is there a hidden return for the effort you put into exercising that you don’t know about?
    Many of the most successful people in the World are regular exercisers. Sir Richard Branson, Michelle Gass of Starbucks and Bill Gates are just a few. What they learned long ago was that exercising regularly had an impact not only on their health, but on their wallets. Here’s how.

    It’s Better than Caffeine

    One of the things that you notice right off the bat is the energy boost. In the short term, the adrenaline released during exercise increases your heart rate, opens you lungs, and makes you more alert. In the long term, your body becomes more adept at transferring oxygen and blood glucose to parts of your body for energy. It seems counter intuitive to exercise when you’re tired, but in fact, the opposite is true. And the more that you do it, the less tired you’ll be. This means more work done and potentially more money earned.

    It Gives Your Brain More Zip

    In addition to increasing your energy, exercise actually makes you more alert and focused. Research has documented that after exercising, people have increased awareness because of the increased blood circulating in their brains. This translates into better work performance through improved time management and being more focused on the task at hand. Who wouldn’t want to more in a shorter amount of time?

    It Flat Out Improves Brain Function

    Though researchers aren’t 100% sure why, they all agree that activity status is directly correlated to improved cognitive function. What is their reasoning? Among other things, researchers have shown that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and various dementias are lower in regular exercisers versus sedentary individuals. They’ve also shown that even healthy people who regularly exercise score better on cognitive tests than those who are sedentary. End result, somehow exercise makes your brain better which means you’re going to be better at your job.

    It Improves Your Perseverance

    Exercise can be tough. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, it can be really tough. Going through that discomfort during exercise makes not only your body stronger, but it makes you mentally tougher. You don’t give up on things as easily. You’re able to concentrate more during the difficult moments, which boost your confidence for the next hurdle. And at the start of something, your mindset is much more positive because the mountain you have to climb doesn’t seem so insurmountable. Nothing changed about what you had to tackle for the day, only your attitude towards it. And that is a productivity advantage.

    So what can you do to maintain or increase your activity? Here are some suggestions.

    • Schedule it. If you have a set time every day that you know you’re supposed to be working out, it increases the likelihood that you will. If you leave it up to whenever it will fit into your day, anything that pops up can derail you.
    • Hire a pro. Personal Trainers help you in three main ways: you’re accountable to a scheduled time (see the 1st bullet point), they provide motivation, and they provide the expertise to get the most out of the time you’re here. Efficiency is the key, and they give that to you.
    • Get a partner. Workout buddies provide you with the camaraderie necessary for some people to get through the discomfort we talked about earlier. For some people, exercise is social as well. So find someone to come here with, and your workouts will likely improve.
    • Have fun. Working out doesn’t have to be just walking on a treadmill or lifting weights. We offer martial arts, which can be a challenging workout for even the most fit individuals. If you want to find out how hard it can be, see Grandmaster Pope or the Front Desk to find out when an adult class is being offered so you can drop in. First one is on us!

    The big take home message is that you get more out of consistent exercise than just fitting into those jeans you’ve wanted to. You get more out of life. And believe it or not, life will give you more back.