• What is Mindfulness?

    By Gus Castellanos


    The Wellness Center at Ultima Fitness

    Mindfulness is an attribute of consciousness long believed to promote well-being. It is readily available to everyone in any moment – it is not a new skill to learn or master. It is also not a relaxation practice, an attempt to quiet the mind or achieve an altered or transcendent state.  Mindfulness involves paying attention on purpose in the present moment, with a curious and nonjudgmental attitude. It is a conscious direction of attention to notice what’s going on right now. Even when thinking about the past or future, with mindfulness, we’re aware we’re thinking about the past or future right now. With mindfulness, we don’t judge any experience as good or bad. We simply accept whatever is present, noticing it’s arising and passing. And if we do make judgements, we notice them and let them go.

    Mindfulness is popular because of the benefits experienced by those practicing it: improved physical and mental health, improved relationships, enhanced ability to handle challenges (resiliency) and fostered creativity.  Interest in mindfulness continues unabated, not only in healthcare, but in the workplace, schools, military, sports teams and governments. And scientific, clinical and Neuroscience research on the effects of mindfulness is exploding.  Because there’s a great deal of stress and difficulty in the world and mindfulness has been shown to be of help to alleviate these problems, it is being widely discussed across mainstream media, so people want to know more.

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