• What is Qigong?

    By Ryan Bishop

    L Ac, LMT

    Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is a gentle yet powerful healing system that brings balance to the body, and mind, and also helps to connect with Spirit. It originated in the Orient over 5000 years ago and is still being practiced today by millions of people all over the world for its healing benefits. Qi Gong is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the mother of Tai Chi Chuan. The word Qi Gong or Chi Kung, depending on who is teaching it, can be translated to mean energy practice or energy work; but the actual practice goes way beyond its description. It is an art and science of cultivating one’s inner life force with the intentions of healing. There are now thousands of Qi Gong systems and styles being practiced worldwide.

    Practicing Qi Gong helps to bring balance not only to the physical body, but also strengthens our inner essence. Practicing regularly promotes the free flow of energy or Qi throughout the human body by breaking through blockages within the meridians, which are the pathways which Qi flows through. This force travels with an inseparable companion (blood) to every area of the body. Under normal conditions, the energy in our bodies is balanced and capable of maintaining the physiological functions, but due to environmental, emotional, and physical stresses our energy may become stagnant or blocked. This leads to all types of problems if not released. Qi Gong is one way to help bring back the flow that we need. If Qi in the human body is strong, then it is difficult for pathogenic influences to affect it and even if we do get attacked by these influences the abundance of Qi increases the immunity and may prevent the disease from occurring.

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