• What’s the Big Deal About TRX?

    By Lynette Laufenberg


    You’ve heard about the TRX, and possibly even seen someone in action using the unusual looking yellow and black straps. Developed by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick in 1988 as a way to stay mission fit on the road during deployment, the TRX is an amazing piece of equipment for training in the fitness industry. No part of the body is an island unto itself. Try to pick up a pen off the floor using just your hand. It’s impossible. Even simple movements simultaneously engage the legs, core, shoulders, arms, and neck. The body is an interconnected chain of muscles. Every movement we perform is a whole-body movement. That’s why TRX Training uses tools and movements that challenge the entire body in every plane of motion.
    Unless you are an athlete with a sport-specific regimen, training in the gym should mimic training for life. In order to feel good (and look good), we should be training our bodies as an integrated unit, the way our bodies move through daily activities. The TRX can be a perfect fit for the novice exerciser with some instruction, and even accommodate those with joint concerns. It also can beat up the most experienced super star performer looking for the next great challenge to cross their path. Give it a try today!
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