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  • Don’t Sabotage Your Success! Five Mistakes Gym Goers Make

    By Bonnie Kretchik

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    B.A. in English

    Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to take control of your health and partake in a regular exercise program. You should be commended, since statistics show that only one in every five individuals actually meet the CDC’s physical activity recommendations. But simply joining the gym and walking through the door does not guarantee you the flat

  • Community Giving the Ultima Way

    By Jeffrey Keller

    General Manager

    For Ultima, community involvement has been a long-standing part of who we are. For more than 26 years, our club and its staff have contributed tens of thousands of dollars and countless volunteer hours to improve the community of Wellington. Helping people has always been important to us. Ultima Fitness truly values how fortunate we