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  • Regain Your Health in 2 Simple Steps

    By Jhaleh Jiveh

    RN, Certified Health Coach

    The road to a healthy lifestyle is at times difficult and confusing, especially when it comes to finding the right way to eat in this modern society.  We are constantly bombarded with so many fad diets that promise weight loss, health and vitality, making it more difficult and challenging to choose the one that fits

  • What’s the Big Deal About TRX?

    By Lynette Laufenberg

    Fitness and Wellness Director at Ultima

    You’ve heard about the TRX, and possibly even seen someone in action using the unusual looking yellow and black straps. Developed by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick in 1988 as a way to stay mission fit on the road during deployment, the TRX is an amazing piece of equipment for training in the fitness industry. No