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  • 9 Doable Things to Eat Right in 2017

    By Noel Forkey

    Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics

    New Year’s resolutions are made every year by about 41% of Americans and 42% of those people claim to have failed their resolutions. Why? It is possible that our goals are too lofty for even the most self-disciplined person in the world. Here are some practical resolutions that will help you maintain a healthy life-style

  • Being Well in 2017

    By Jeffrey Keller

    General Manager

    You’re one month into the New Year and you’ve started trying to live a healthier you. There are tons of little ways to practice Wellness, and some of them are so simple that they are often forgotten about. Here are 14 tips for Being Well in 2017. These are a great way to add to