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  • We need to make a choice

    By Maria Conde

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer

    To many of you fitness is a word that you do not identify with. Fitness, to you, pertains to the person that has the perfect body or the one that knows his/her way around the gym, knowing a lot of different exercises or the person that enjoys exercise. Let me guess, you can’t possibly picture

  • Yoga for your Growing Family

    By Lori Ramirez

    Certified Instructor
    Pre/Posnatal, Baby & Me
    Barre, Group Fitness

    Since being in the fitness world for so long, I’ve always felt that group fitness was one of the best ways to stay motivated with one’s exercise program. You really do inspire each other to keep going and reach your fitness goals. Yoga means union. Yoga accepts people of all beliefs and encourages a deepening